Who we are

Hi there, random or non-random visitor, we're glad to welcome you on our website. Here you can learn a bit more about Midas22 alliance inside a fascinating universe EVE Online. Midas22 – when referenced to many other EVE Online alliances – isn't that young, but isn't a "mastodont" either. For the course of time in our existence, like many others, we've seen rise and fall, participated in epic, historical battles, affected New Eden political map, staying resonable humble in the same time, yet strongly bound alliance with a warm, friendly athmosphere.

What do we do

We're mostly PvP alliance, therefore CTA (Call To Arms – flights in a big fleets), roamings (small scale, to seek some fight or just for fun), OPS (to annoy the enemy by reinforcing their structures), and many other PvP content holds the priority in our alliance. But of course – this does not mean, that you'll be busy with non-stop PvP without a rest, not at all! Our priorities are very flexible and we're not going to make you feel like a work! It will look like this:
  1. Real life is the priority.
  2. If you logged into the game and noticed that PvP fleet is forming, then you should join the cause.
  3. If you're not noticing any actions and everything is calm, you are free to do whatever you like – run anomalies, mine, scan, spin the ship in your dock, go to solo PvP (yes, that's a personal content), or take the role of content-maker, take some other pilots and fly to the horizon for victories and green pages for a killboard, or lose everything in a closest low-sec (yup, not everything at the same time, but you're going to learn 😉)
Currently, Midas22 alliance is part of coalition called RMC (Red Menace Coalition), with Red Alliance, one of the oldest alliances, in a head, and therefore our strategic goals – are coalition strategic goals. Yet this does not mean that we don't have our own goals, and our current goal is not only to make ourselves even more useful for the coalition, but also to make stronger political presense in New Eden, and to gather as much content as we can, and of course to grow our numbers, without losing our cozy athmosphere. That said, we're offering you:
  • Good income in a systems with low security status, where you can hunt rats or mine roids covered by a fleet.
  • Low taxes (including moons!) and discounts for participation in fleets.
  • We have a mature infrastructire, dynamic market, good logistics (jita-home-jita).
  • Big amount of PvP content (CTA/Roams/OPS/etc), commanded by an experienced FCs.
  • Compensations for lost ships not only on CTA, but also on opses and roamings.
  • Loads of fun, huge amounts of various content.
Join us today, to make a difference in EVE Online universe! Don't miss your chance!